Beaver Builder Review: The Last Theme You Will Need?

Beaver Builder is meant to be this powerful website design system that takes away all the struggles of building a WordPress site.

You can use the theme’s adaptable framework for all of your WordPress projects, and since the familiar codebase utilizes the WordPress Customizer, anything is possible!

But do these features make Beaver Builder truly the last theme you will need?

More importantly, do you get your money’s worth?

To answer these questions, in this Beaver Builder review, we’ll go over all of the theme’s features and see how easy to use it is.

What Is Beaver Builder About?

beaver builder theme review

The Beaver Builder theme is the theme of choice of over 175,000 users. It’s stable and battle-ready – making it perfect for projects of every size.

You can use it to build any type of website you please – the sky is the limit!

Keep in mind that the theme is different from the page builder. You customize the theme live using the WordPress Customizer – there is no drag and drop functionality like Beaver Builder’s page builder has.

However, nothing stops you from coupling the two to create your dream website. The impressive drag-and-drop page builder that has helped build over a million websites!

Beaver Builder has grown to become one of the most trusted website builders since it was released in 2014 – its reliable, user-friendly, and the company offers world-class support.

The theme is built on Bootstrap, and developers make use of the best practices when creating the theme – you’re in good hands.

Other than the theme and the page builder, Beaver Builder also offers a plugin called the Beaver Themer. It enables you to create layouts for archive pages, forge headers, footers, 404 pages, search pages, and even template an entire post type!

Beaver Builder Review

The team’s philosophy has always been to create a toolset that’s powerful enough for a developer to play with, and simple enough for an end-user to utilize.

The theme comes with a variety of presets baked right in, enabling you to create dozens of different styles in one click!

You can modify these presets to get the look you want with ease.

Design And Style

As previously mentioned, there are no boundaries or restrictions when it comes to website design with the Beaver Builder theme. You can create anything – from a minimalist online shop to a modern landing page without any hassles!

Theme Features

At first glance, you can tell there’s a lot going on in the Customizer.



You can pick from any of the existing presets to give your website your preferred look and feel in one click.

The General Tab

You can toggle between boxed and full-width layouts, adjust the spacing and the drop shadows, place a “scroll to top” button, and select the icons to use with the layout using the layout option.

Using an image or setting a solid background color can be done in one click. You can also change the website’s accents individually if you don’t like what the presets have to offer.

The Headings option gives you full control over the font family, weight, format, color, height, spacing, and size of the different headings (H1, H2, etc.) on your page. The Text option gives you control over the rest of the text on the page.

Setting up custom buttons is as easy as picking the right options, and social media buttons come baked right in – all you need to do is add your profile’s link.

Top Bar, Nav Bar, And Header

You can customize the top bar’s look by toggling between the one-column and the two-column layouts. Picking the background color and opacity is just as easy as selecting it from the menu, and you can also set a gradient and customize how the text looks.

 The header is super customizable – you can animate it, customize its location, change the padding, switch up the layout, set the background, and edit the logo – all in one menu!

The navigation layout is just as simple to make your own – spacing items, adding a search bar, customizing the icon, and adding a sub-menu can be done in one click.

You can also set animations and even edit how the menu collapses when clicked the second time!

You get the same amount of control over the nav bar as the top bar – setting the background and editing how the text looks is just as easy!

The Content Menu

This is where most of the basic structure of your site is laid down. The content background tab is where you pick what your site’s background looks like.

The blog layout menu enables you to set up your website’s sidebar. You can customize its size, its position, and set up where it appears and where it doesn’t.

You can also decide if you want to show the author’s name, the post’s publishing date, and the comment count from this menu.

The archive layout menu enables you to select whether or not you want to display the full post, where you want the image to show up, and what size you want the image to be.

Simple toggles enable you to decide whether you want to show the post’s tags, the post categories and show the featured image. You can also enable or disable the previous/next post link as you please!

Setting up a WooCommerce sidebar is just as easy – you can set how many columns you want the sidebar to have, customize how product galleries are handled, toggle the “Add To Cart” button on and off, and enable or disable the theme’s custom WooCommerce style.

The Lightbox option enables you to set up an email marketing pop up or a product deal advert with ease.


The footers, too, have a one-column and two-column layout available, enabling you to style your website consistently. You get almost every customizable option that the headers have plus some more.

In addition to being able to customize the background, set up an image or a gradient, edit text styles, and set opacity, you can enable or disable footer widgets and even set up a footer parallax and give your site a personal touch.

The Widgets menu extends upon what you can do with the footers, giving you access to individual columns and allowing you to set up whatever widgets you please.

The Code

If you’re familiar with HTML and CSS or know a bit of JavaScript, you can add your own code to the website with the Code menu.

In addition to all of this, you can also set up what your website’s homepage shows, set up site titles and taglines, assign an icon to the site, and add and customize menus that you want on your website.

Needless to say, you have full control over what your site looks like!


Beaver Builder’s websites perform formidably – with loading speeds as short as 665ms!

The average time to build a page happens to be roughly 20 minutes, making it one of the easiest tools to use to build a polished website!

SEO Friendliness

The theme comes SEO optimized, meaning you have an edge over your competitors right from install.

The responsive HTML5 markup ensures that any website you make is slurped up by search engines.

Additional Features Of Beaver Builder

Hooks And Filters

If you’re a developer, you’ll love the hooks and filters that come with the Beaver Builder theme. It was built to be extended and modified!

Tons Of Modules

On purchasing the premium version, you get access to tons of additional modules, including contact forms, pricing tables, and subscription forms, enabling you to make your website as sophisticated as can be.

Support And Documentation

The knowledgebase section will give you instant answers to your pre- and post-sale questions.

They have a dedicated team of experts ready to help you anytime you get stuck, and since they tend to respond in minutes of contact, you’ll never need to stop in the middle of your website building session.

Every feature is documented – enabling you to learn quickly and build easily.

Beaver Builder Pricing

The $99 Standard plan does not include the theme – which is disappointing.

To get the Beaver Builder theme, you will need to get at least the Pro plan coming in at $199. It gives you access to the theme and the page builder plugin, and you get priority support for one year.

If you’re working with a team, you should consider getting the $399 Agency plan – you can build an unlimited number of sites, and also get access to the White Labeling feature, enabling you to modify and replace Beaver Builder’s core templates!

Verdict: Is Beaver Builder Worth It?

The extensive customization options enable you to create whatever comes to mind – no holds barred. The clean code, developer-friendly features, and the excellent support ensure that you get the most out of every project.

All in all, the Beaver Builder theme is a reliable, super customizable theme that you won’t regret paying for.

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